Breast Cancer Pre-visualization is a service offered to both patients and surgical practices working with patients of breast cancer. 

We provide visual tools which help patients understand what they can expect for their own body prior to surgery. 

Realistic renderings not only improve the conversation between patient and surgeon, but speeds up the process of patient education during a difficult discussion about the redesign of ones body.


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“Thank you. You gave me a voice when I didn’t feel like I had one.”
“It was so assuring. I was witnessing my body transform before my eyes–and not just listening to what he was going to do.” 

“This helped me organize my concerns about the results that I wanted. It’s really neat!” 

“I want to go on a trip with a map!”

“I am so glad that I had the pre-vis to show him and that you motivated me to ask for a pre-op meeting to discuss the surgery.”