Front view:   Top of nose to pubic line. Posture straight. Arms about and inch away from sides.   Right and Left view:   Top of nose to pubic line.  Posture straight, shoulders back.

Front view: Top of nose to pubic line. Posture straight. Arms about and inch away from sides. Right and Left view:  Top of nose to pubic line. Posture straight, shoulders back.

Step 1.

Photography. We will require three images of your torso to create the projections on your own body. Front view. Left side view. Right side view. *See diagram for cropping and posture instructions. Please be sure the background is a solid field of color like a flat wall surface. Elements like furniture, artwork or pictures should not be in frame.

Camera: Images from an iPhone, iPad, iPad-mini, iPod or other smart phone cameras will work great. If you use a digital point and shoot, please make sure to include high resolution images when uploading.   

For those who have had prior surgeries and would like to include before surgery images, it would be helpful for us to have references.

Step 2.

Upload your photos to the BC Pre-vis folder. Once in the secured cloud platform, drag and drop files from your desktop or browser.  Let us know if you are experiencing difficulty with this part. BC Pre-vis.

Pre-vis Examples.

Case study patient, 2015. Patient opted for a Prophylactic Bi-Lateral Mastectomy with immediate DIEP Flap reconstruction, as she carried the BRCA genetic mutation. Her surgeon expressed to her that he had a few directions in mind for her DIEP flap surgery but wouldn't know which direction he would take until he got into the operating room. She had no idea what to expect about the types of scars, size of her newly constructed breasts or belly button reconstruction. We suggested that she ask for a pre-op visit prior to her surgery so that she could show him the pre-vis that was created for her based on his two possible directions so that she could have a clearer conversation about what she can expect and peace of mind before heading into surgery.

A password to view pre-vis case studies will be sent to those participating in our program.