Viewable on iphone/ipad and other smart media devices.

Viewable on iphone/ipad and other smart media devices.

Sharing the vision.

Breast Cancer Pre-visualization is a patient centric service offered to those considering their breast reconstruction options, addressing revisions, past breast reconstruction disappointments or for those taking prophylactic measures. We consult privately with our clients and create a personalized tool that they can use in meetings to discuss their upcoming surgery with their surgeons. This tool allows patients to confidently voice concerns, keep track of all questions and visually present what they are expecting for their own body. This not only improves the conversation but confirms that you and your surgeon are on the same page. It restores a sense of control in a disease where there is very little control. 

Private and secure.

Our medically compliant web/mobile app allows patients to bring this personalized tool into their meetings with their surgeons, contact bc previs for updates, check the status on their pre-vis and keep all notes and surgical dates in one place. Patients can even share their pre-vis with their partners which helps them fully grasp their partners transformation. We connect with patients virtually (and in person if they choose), so it makes for one less appointment to add to a full calendar or doctor visits. 

We feel that the real purpose of technological innovation is to connect human to human and improve life's experiences, even while coping with something as challenging as cancer. 

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